We are paket


PAKET is a young company that was founded in 2015.
We have been growing with Korean cosmetic wholesale and retail business. Now we are growing even faster by expanding our business to China’s Taobao distribution and marketing website.
In addition, we are developing our own brands.

PAKET knows best.
Our most important asset is our expertise in market trends and the sales strategies that we have learned over the past 4 years since the foundation in 2015. We have been finding buyers and learning market trends at top speed.

PAKET saw the future.
We always think of tomorrow, instead of being satisfied with the present. We saw possibilities in the future.

PAKET has a clear role.
What we do cannot be done by leading companies or individuals. We continue moving forward, keeping our eyes on the market.


  • 12
  • Founded PAKET
  • 12
  • Hwang Ju-eop appointed as CEO


  • 01
  • Established distribution network in Korea
  • 01
  • Launched cosmetic distribution and sales business


  • 05
  • Launched its own brands, PAK-PAK and MARUARA
  • 09
  • Established distribution network in China
  • 10
  • Launched its own brand, THE GOOD SHAM


  • 01
  • Launched Taobao seller management business
  • 01
  • Launched brand marketing business through Taobao influencers
What we work


Cosmetic Distribution

  • Distribution of popular Korean beauty brands
  • Securement of variety of distribution channels in Korea and China
  • Extensive knowledge on Chinese distribution market
  • Market trends analysis and Korean brands export to China

PAKET Platform

  • Introduction and management of Korean brands in China
  • Product advertising through a variety of marketing activities in Chinese market
  • Real time market trends and customers’ needs analysis
  • Leading trends by operation of a marketing platform
  • Supporting and boosting brand operation, PR and marketing through PAKET’s platform
  • Increased reliability in a confusing market where counterfeit products are mixed with authentic products by utilization of PAKET’s reliable distribution network
  • Effective operation of brands based on extensive experience and know-how in viral contents in cooperation with influencers (power bloggers)
Sina Weibo keywords
Live broadcasting
Experience groups
Campus education
Organizational service
NAVER Blog and Band

Tmall (formerly Taobao Mall)

  • China’s Tmall management (formerly Taobao Mall)
  • Supply, marketing, PR and sales of brands
  • Establishing business relationships between brands and popular influencers
  • Sales data analysis and securement of Tmall big data
China’s largest online retail website founded by Alibaba (1998)
1,200 sellers managed by PAKET’s Taobao seller management experts
Analysis of the needs of the Chinese market in real time through Tmall brand marketing
Conducting of PR and marketing through its platform network and cooperation with popular influencers to increase sales
Why we are


PAKET has proven its abilities with great results in the Chinese market and Tmall under the motto, “Zero to One.” With the goal of building our own Silk Road, we have been expanding our distribution network to new markets such as those in Southeast Asia and Europe as well as in East Asia and China.

PAKET is leading market and product trends by nation and region. We are putting forth our best efforts to attract consumers with our products considering the needs of brands, instead of just showing their products.

PAKET is doing its best to dominate the global beauty market with the goal of advertising products and increasing profits. In addition, we have a variety of strategies and plans to capitalize on the global market.

PAKET is putting forth their efforts to become a global company.

What we work


Distribution Brands

PAKET’s Brands

내가 쓰려고 만든 화장품, 팍팍
(클렌징, 모이스춰 보습화장품, 천연콜라겐)

세안 후 얼굴에 처음닿는 기초 제품
(Mist, Leg cream)

콜라겐, 피부의 시간을 되돌리다
(퓨어 콜라겐 파우더, 퓨어 콜라겐 마스크)

순수 성분으로 헤어와 바디를 아름답게
(Argan Oil, Lip Balm, Cleanser)

블링블링하게, 밝은 우유빛 피부로 톤업
(블링블링 하얀 크림)

환하게 빛나는 당신의 피부를 위한 스페셜 솔루션
(모이스처 콜라겐 마스크팩)

직접 만드는 메이크업 물감
(DIY 메이크업 컬러튜브)
Where we are


TEL. +82-70-7730-5658

FAX. 02-543-5657
PAKET Inc. | 3rd Floor, 65, Eonju-ro 172-gil, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea